Favorite Art Teachers

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Some of my favorite art teachers include Mr. Sam Enriquez, Mr. Thayer, Mr. Eric Suchowesky, Mr. Jamison Jekel, Miss Brandi Neighbors, and Mr. Joseph Digangi. These mentors have done much to push, stretch, encourage, and inspire me. All of these teachers lead by example in their technical knowledge and skill. They have all been great examples of excellence not only their examples in art but also in their spiritual lives.

  1. Rachel Ochs-Arney

    These, whom you have listed, are most certainly talented and caring artists! I am happy to hear they are still teaching and sharing with others. Mr. Enriquez is a friend of mine, and Mr. Suchowesky was a student of mine. While my roommate was under Mr. Jekel, I had the pleasure of sitting for his Figure Painting class, and the exquisite honor of being painted by him. My parents have the piece in their home. Learn all you can from them, and strive to be like them, not only in your painting, but in your lifestyle of showing Christ.

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