Picking a Subject when Plein Air Painting

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Something that I am beginning to learn as I am increasing my exposure to the plein air painting experience this summer is that picking one’s subject can be a difficult task. After all, when God created this earth, He filled it with so much natural beauty that it can be difficult to limit your subject matter to an 11×14″ panel (or whatever other size you choose). If not careful, one can waste hours deciding on what to paint. Today, I just set up my easel within ten minutes of arriving at my location and ended up not enjoying it at all. After about an hour of trying to force it to work, I folded up my easel and began searching for a different subject. Feel free to look around your painting location a bit before you decide what you are going to paint. After I had done a little hiking and rock climbing, I finally found a suitable subject that I enjoyed much more. In the end, a bit of time spent looking over your options can really save you a lot of time and frustration.

  1. Esther Staddon

    Wow, I’m inspired by your website, Isaiah! Your love for people and passion to portray Godly messages through your work is such an encouragement! Thank you and may the Lord bless and prosper all that you put your hands to for His glory.

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